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On-Site and Off-site resources

Looking for something to inspire you or finish of a project, or just want an illusive piece of information to add some polish? A little bit of everything that we've gathered through the years is listed here to help you out with anything 3D. Whether it's an asset for a scene, reference materials or the objects or models you need to fill out a project, it's likely that it's somewhere on the web. These will be expanded as the site matures, so stop back often to find the latest additions.

HumanTextures Downloads
We'll have more to list soon, but here are a few freebies and resources to get you started.

HumanTextures | Carrara Models
Carrara 5/6/7/8 Model - The Crypt (Win. EXE)

Vertex Model with Rigging and Textures
Download (2.1 MB)

HumanTextures | Scenes and Shaders
[ NOTE: To Download, use 'Save As...' ]
A simple AnythingGlows example scene:
Download (.car - 44kb)

Example scene for an Arm w/ Bones/Morphs:
Download (.car - 14kb)

Example scene for a 'Bot' Hand w/Bones:
Download (.car - 14kb)

A 'Bath Water' Shader:
Download (.cbr - 8kb)

Resource Files
A Refraction Index List for 127 Material Types:
Download (.rtf - 23kb)

Off-site Model Downloads

We've collected a number of sites that have importable model files in several formats. Most links are for free models, with a few sites requiring registration and a few commercial sites that also host freebies. The link will open to a new page with the listings.

 Off-site - Free Models

Off-site Resources

Looking for tutorials, texture sites, software, or other resources that we don't host here? We'll be compiling a resource directory that you can add your favorite resources to - and not just as links, but your own snippets of information and articles.

 Coming Soon...

Carrara Help Sites

Struggling and looking for help with a problem? You probably aren't the only one who's faced the same issues. Here are a list of Carrara Forums that you can browse to find the answer.

 DAZ3D Carrara Discussion
 Carrara Lounge
 PolyLoop Forums
 Carrara Open Training Project

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