Textured 3D Models
Everything 3D, and the kitchen sink...

Quality textured models that don't skimp on mesh details, but are light weight in polygon counts. If it should open or move, rigging is included on everything but background props.

Carrara Job Shoppe
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3D Resources
From freebies to links, and resources...

Along with the usual free models and shaders, you'll find 3D links suitable for most applications, and a growing number of textual resources and information, with more on the way.

Welcome to HumanTextures.com

You'll find plenty of 3D sites and their on-line stores for almost every flavor of 3D software, and for every level of users from hobbyists to the pros. Up until now there hasn't been a 3D asset provider that primarily focuses on Carrara software. HumanTextures aims to fill that gap with high quality products and resources for every level of user.

What We Do

The goal... Show that the CG underdog has some real potential as a pro-level tool.
No one expects you to be doing the next Hollywood animated blockbuster with Carrara, but it has the ability to pack a lot of punch and deliver some uncommonly good output that has a place in any CG professional's toolkit.

There may not be a lot here at the moment, but there are plans to add many features to the site very soon, as well as open the new HumanTextures Product Shop.


Quick pre-viz. work, 3D titling and trailer animation, proof-of-concepts stills and animations, instructional and medical illustration and animation, cell-shaded 'toon' animations and stills, comic book and book cover art... theses are just a few of the industries that are all benefiting now from pro users having Carrara in their 3D toolbox.

Featured Projects...

You might be too busy cranking out your projects and might not have the time to toot your own horn... so let us do it for you.

Go ahead - show it off...

Let us know what you've finished or have in the works. Got a few renders, screen grabs or links that you can share? We'll be asking for submissions after the full site launches, so jot down a reminder now and get your work included. Not a HumanTextures customer? No need to be... we'll still post your details.